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Adobe Premiere Pro


Premiere Pro is the leading editing software for creating incredible videos fast.

Course Overivew

  • Learn to edit video faster and more fluidly with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Dive into a powerful, customizable, non-linear video editor with tight integration with other Adobe creative tools and support for a multitude of media files for import without transcoding.
  • Premiere Pro Training is designed to allow those new to video editing learn to assemble video, audio, images, and titles into a cohesive sequence that tells a story.
  • This course teaches you how to best utilize Premiere Pro for your video editing projects from content for websites, product demonstrations to corporate videos and other promotional or educational purposes.
  • Explore advanced techniques used by professionals to create videos.
  • This course covers many time-saving workflows and tools including Dynamic Link with After Effects, Audition
    and Media Encoder.
  • Learn to work effeciently in HD by optimizing your workstation and workflow.
  • Expand on your editing skills with more advanced edits and tools such as slip and slide edits.
  • This course also covers audio correction and sweetening within Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.
  • Your instructor will cover the pitfalls, and the best practices will be followed so that you are editing, producing, and exporting your video properly.
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Course Benefits:

Overview of Premiere Pro

  • What is Premiere Pro?
  • New Premiere Pro features
  • What media types can be rendered or exported with Premiere Pro?
  • What kind of media can be ingested or captured using Premiere Pro?
  • What kind of media can be imported into Premiere Pro?
  • Setting up a Premiere Pro hardware/software digital video work environment
  • Premiere Pro technical specifications
  • Premiere Pro workflow: Terminology and best practices


Premiere Pro Project Management

  • What restrictions exist for a Project’s frame resolution?
  • What restrictions exist for a Project’s pixel aspect ratio?
  • What restrictions exist for a Project’s time base?
  • What restrictions exist for a Project’s frame rate?
  • What requirements exist for video and/or audio compression?
  • What are the variables to consider for graphical screen-based assets?
  • What are the variables to consider for audio assets?


Touring Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Exploring nonlinear editing basics in Premiere Pro
  • Exploring panels and panel options
  • Customizing the Premiere Pro workspace
  • Premiere Pro VR Support
  • Exploring monophonic and stereophonic options
  • Enabling VR Video Display options
  • Exploring The Interpret Footage panel
  • Animating perspective with the Offset effect


Project Settings and Preferences

  • Specifying Project settings
  • Customizing Project settings
  • Specifying Sequence settings
  • Setting Premiere Pro Preferences


Ingesting Tapeless Media

  • Ingesting media versus capturing footage
  • Previewing, analyzing, and importing clips with Bridge
  • Hover scrubbing, previewing, and importing assets with the Media Browser
  • Subclipping media at import
  • Additional Import options
  • Managing media in bins
  • Mixing different media formats within Sequences


Rough Cuts and Three-Point Edits

  • Previsualizing story content in the Project panel
  • Setting clip poster frames
  • Using the Selection and Rate Stretch Tools
  • 3-point editing and other editing strategies
  • Source panel control options
  • Editing clips in the Source panel
  • Using the storyboard method to build a rough cut
  • Timeline editing with the Rolling Edit and Ripple Edit Tools


Creating Basic Titles

  • Adding Premiere-generated Synthetic Media
  • Working with the Type Tool
  • Creating Text layers
  • Setting and editing text parameters
  • Applying text effects
  • Saving custom styles
  • Using the Essential Graphics panel
  • Using the Pen, Rectangle and Ellipse Shape Tools
  • Creating Shape layers
  • Working within safe margins


Specialized Editing Tools and Techniques

  • Linking, unlinking, grouping, and nesting clips
  • Using the superimpose tracks
  • Using blend modes
  • The Razor Tool
  • Creating freeze-frame effects
  • Overwrite edits and Insert edits
  • Ripple deletes
  • The Zoom, Hand, and Track Select Tools
  • Using Markers
  • Working in Audio Time Units vs. SMPTE frames
  • Ganging the Source and Program CTIs
  • The Slip Tool
  • Split edits (J cuts, L cuts) and cutaways (U cuts)
  • The Slide Tool


Adding Transitions

  • Practical application of Transitions
  • Applying Video Transitions
  • Editing Transitions with the Effect Controls panel
  • Using A/B mode to fine-tune a Transition
  • Applying Transitions to multiple clips at once
  • Applying Audio Transitions
  • Using keyframes to adjust audio levels


Animating Clips with Fixed Effects

  • Understanding keyframes and tweening
  • Applying fixed effect property animation to clips
  • Setting keyframe interpolation


Adding Video Effects

  • Compositing Video Effects on clips and Sequences
  • Keyframing time-based Video Effect properties
  • Adjusting keyframe interpolation to manipulate speed
  • Applying Track Matte feathering effects
  • Applying Video Effects to a Master Clip


Rendering and Exporting

  • Testing for final export
  • Using the Export Settings dialog
  • Exporting single video frames
  • Working with the Adobe Media Encoder
  • Exporting a high-resolution master for recompositing
  • Exporting H.264-compressed video for YouTube and mobile devices
  • Adding Adobe Encore Chapter Markers to a Timeline
  • Exporting video and audio files for DVD mastering
  • Exporting to Apple Final Cut Pro XML


Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Trimming in the Program monitor
  • Dynamic trimming in the Timeline
  • Lifting and Extracting
  • Sync Lock and Track Lock
  • Four-point edits
  • Replacing clips and footage
  • Time remapping and slow/fast motion techniques
  • Time Interpolation and Optical Flow
  • Multicamera editing


Advanced Video Effects

  • Color Correction effects
  • Using Lumetri Color Correction
  • Additional Color Correction effect options
  • The Reference Monitor and Video Scopes
  • The Video Limiter effect
  • Color-oriented Video effects
  • Lighting and shadow effects
  • Creating a Picture-in-Picture effect
  • Using Adjustment Layers in superimpose tracks
  • Image Stabilization and Rolling Shutter effects
  • Third-party video effects


Advanced Compositing Techniques

  • About alpha channels, masks, mattes, and keys
  • Color keying with the Ultra Key effect
  • Modifying settings and color correcting foreground footage
  • Keyframing Opacity in combination with visual effects
  • Applying Blend Modes
  • Creating masks
  • Creating luma and alpha track mattes


Customizing Titles and Motion Graphics

  • The Essential Graphics panel
  • Title Templates
  • Motion Graphics Templates and the .MOGRT format
  • Editing Motion Graphics Templates
  • Exporting Motion Graphics Templates
  • Customizing animated title templates
  • Adding Lower Thirds
  • Creating Master Graphics and Master Styles
  • Legacy titles
  • Text on a path
  • Adding graphic fills to text and backgrounds
  • Rolls and crawls


Optimizing, Editing, and Sweetening Audio

  • Amplitude vs. Normalization
  • The Clip Mixer and the Audio Mixer
  • Mixing with clip and track keyframes
  • Automated Mixing
  • The Essential Sound panel
  • Audio sweetening
  • Audio Effects
  • Round-trip editing with Adobe Audition
  • Strip Silence and Noise Reduction
  • Third-party audio effects and libraries


Integrating Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Footage

  • Strategies for importing Adobe Photoshop files
  • Advantages of nested Sequences
  • Importing and round-trip editing Adobe Illustrator files
  • Incorporating layered AI files into a Premiere Pro Sequence


Incorporating Adobe After Effects Compositions

  • Using Dynamic Link with After Effects
  • Managing After Effects Compositions in Premiere Pro


Color Grading

  • Understanding LUTs and Looks
  • Installing LUTs
  • Color Grading with the Lumetri panel


Color Correction

  • Color grading versus color correction
  • An overview of traditional color correction
  • Using Lumetri color correction
  • Using the Fast Color and Three-Way Color Correctors


Project Management

  • Using the Project Manager
  • Managing files for Project archiving


Audio Recording and Submixing

  • Recording voiceover direct-to-disc in Premiere Pro
  • Submixing audio tracks
  • The course covers everything from capturing, editing, special effects, graphics, titles to final production.
  • Introduction to the interface, workspaces, projects
  • Learn to import media
  • Customize the interface
  • Working with transitions
  • Discover editing techniques
  • Control effects
  • Learn to correct color
  • Create titles
  • Work with audio
  • Learn to render and export
  • Learn advanced editing mechanics
  • Discover sophisticated effects
  • Use keyframing properties and effects
  • Use advanced color correction
  • Use advanced audio
  • Perform multicam editing
  • Create animated titles
  • Understand advanced exporting options
  • Discover project archiving
  • Anyone wants to master pro video and film editing.


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