Adobe Photoshop Training Course

Adobe Photoshop

Learn Adobe Photoshop step-by-step through a series of Real World projects on a range of different photo editing jobs.

Each project is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Photoshop.

Course Overivew

  • Learn Adobe Photoshop step-by-step through a series of Real World projects on a range of different photo editing jobs. Each project is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Photoshop.
  • Create beautiful graphics, photos, and art on desktop and iPad. Comes with Adobe Fresco for drawing and painting.
  • No matter what background or industry you are from – this class will give you the practical skills you need to jumpstart your talents as a Graphic designer.
  • These are tools of choice for Graphic designers and Social Media Marketing Executives all across the world.
  • CLS Learning Solutions is an Adobe Certified Training Center ATC since 2010, 12 Years in a row, Training Thousands of designers Yearly!
  • Our Graphic Design training programs are of the highest quality resources & materials, most up-to-date, and have the highest ROI return on investment.
  • All Adobe Training in CLS are held by Adobe Certified Instructors ACI with over than 15 years experience in the technical and training field .
  • You Get Adobe Attendance Certificate and Adobe Classroom in a book Material.


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Course Benefits:

Getting Around Photoshop

  • Computer Requirements
  • What’s new in the current version?
  • Raster vs Vector
  • Creating A New Document
  • Workspaces Overview
  • Opening an Image
  • Place Embed vs Place Linked
  • Interface Layout and Navigation
  • Navigational Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 2019 Properties Panel Update

Basic Image Retouching

  • Fixing Blemishes using the Spot Healing Tool
  • Fixing Blemishes using the Healing Brush Tool
  • Removing and modifying elements using the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using the Patch Tool group fixes
  • Removing Red Eye with the Red Eye Tool

Selecting with Magic Wand, Quick Selection Tool & Quick Mask Mode

  • Starting the Selection using Traditional Selection Tools
  • Using the Magic Wand
  • Using the Quick Select Tool
  • Redefining the Selection in Quick Mask Mode

Replacing Backgrounds & Tweaking Color

  • More Work with the Magic Wand Tool
  • Simple Image Compositing
  • Working with Brightness & Contrast
  • Working with Color Balance

Creating Text & Adding Effects

  • Creating Text
  • Adding Drop Shadows Manually
  • Working with Layer Styles
  • Adding a Drop Shadow

Image Tweaking & Effects

  • Using the Crop tool
  • Crop Awareness
  • Ratio vs Resolution
  • Straightening Crooked Photos
  • Image Size vs Canvas Size
  • Size Interpolation
  • Adding the Text Layer
  • Adjust the Opacity of the Layer
  • Feathering the Layer to Add More Subtlety
  • Using simple drop shadows and border effects
  • Cleaning Up the Background

Retro Movie Poster

  • Making a Selection using the Polygonal Lasso tool
  • Desaturate the Background to make the Foreground “Pop”
  • The Layers Panel
  • Adding Basic Type
  • Warping Text

The Basics of Preparing Digital Photos for Print

  • Image Size
  • Resampling
  • Saving as PSD
  • Saving as TIFF
  • Document Size
  • Preparing for Print

Saving Photos for the Web

  • Resizing an Image for the Web
  • Saving Images as JPEGs
  • Reducing the Image File Size
  • Resampling
  • Adding Metadata
  • Comparing GIF and PNG
  • Saving as GIF and PNG
  • Web Transparency

Non-Destructive Editing: Adjustment Layers and Masks

  • Color Correction with Adjustment Layers
  • Using Layer Masks to Mask out Unwanted Adjustments
  • Using the Curves Tool
  • Using Hue/Saturation Tool
  • Tricks for Hue Shifting Black
  • Tricks for Hue Shifting White

Non-Destructive Editing: Working with Smart Objects & Other Amazing Tools

  • Understanding Smart Objects
  • Creating a Smart Object
  • Smart Objects & Resolution
  • Smart Objects & Filters
  • Working with Layer Masks
  • Working with Textures and Layer Masks
  • Working with Clipping Masks

Type Mastery 

  • Formatting Special Titles
  • The Character and Paragraph Panels
  • Lorem Ipsum, Ligatures and Glyphs
  • Formatting a Paragraph
  • Drop Caps
  • Getting creative with fonts
  • To rasterize text or not

The Pen Tool: Working Creatively with Paths

  • Working with the Pen Tool
  • Stroke & Fill Effects across a Path
  • Accent Lines & Florals
  • Erasing across a path
  • Sharpening Hi-Res Photos for Print
  • Removing Motion Blur

Type Mastery 02: Text & Effects

  • Text in a Path
  • Text on a Path
  • Closed Paths vs Open
  • Controlling The Position of your Text
  • Concentric Rings of Text
  • Flow text across objects

Working with Presets

  • What are Presets?
  • Preset Management
  • Create Custom Shapes
  • Create Patterns
  • Creating Swatches
  • Creating Brushes

Project Essentials: Working for Print

  • Setting up Photoshop for print art
  • RGB vs CMYK vs Other
  • Resolution and Pixel Density
  • Important Preferences affecting print
  • Setting up bleed
  • Formatting guides
  • Process vs Spot Colors
  • Delivery essentials
  • Working with TIFF, PDF, and more

Working with Illustrator

  • Sending media and paths to Illustrator
  • How much should a Photoshop user need to know about Illustrator?
  • Creating simple text elements in Illustrator
  • Cleaning and Saving Elements in a Vector Format
  • Transferring Vector to Photoshop (The Best)
  • Made for TV or the Big Screen: Photoshop has it all
  • Setting up your project in Photoshop
  • Setting up a quick project in Illustrator

Filter Highlights

  • What are Smart Filters?
  • Blurring the Background
  • Motion & Radial Blurs
  • Adding Spinning Blur to the Wheels
  • Layers
  • Working with Distortion Effects
  • Lens flares and lighting Effects
  • Sketch and Cartoon Conversions

 Special & Legacy Effects

  • Working with Paths to Define Effects
  • Using Fibers for Texture
  • Generated Effects: Flame,Trees and Picture Frame

Color Grading using Levels

  • Color Correction with Adjustments Layers vs Adjustment Filters
  • What is Tone?
  • What is a Histogram?
  • Levels Adjustment Explained
  • Practical Work with Levels
  • Repairing Photos

Color Grading Using Curves

  • The Curves Tool Explained
  • Setting White, Black, and Gray Points
  • Setting Midpoints
  • Saving and Loading Curves Presets
  • Correcting Tone & Color
  • Setting White, Black, and Gray Points

Retouching Techniques Part I

  • Understanding Healing & Awareness
  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using the Spot Healing Tool
  • Using the Healing Brush Tool
  • Using the Patch Tool
  • Removing Blemishes & Stray Hairs

Retouching Techniques Part 2

  • The Power of Frequency Separation In Theory and Practice
  • Creating High and Low Frequency Layers
  • Isolating Skin Texture
  • Isolating Skin Tone
  • Re-combining Layers
  • Using Masks & Brushes for Airbrush Effect

Retouching: Liquify

  • An Overview of the Liquify Panel
  • Brush Tool Options
  • Using the Liquify Filter: Bloat, Pucker, Forward Warp, Restoration Tools
  • Artistic Retouching of Facial Features
  • Having fun with Face-Aware
  • Freezing and Unfreezing

Displacement Technique

  • What is Displacement?
  • How Displacement is used Professionally
  • Displacement Workflow
  • Creating a Displacement Map
  • Working with Displacement Filter
  • Improving the Distortions

Blending Modes Techniques & Effects

  • About Blending Modes
  • Experimenting with different Blend Modes (Screen, Multiply, Overlay)
  • Using the Color Blending Mode to Tint an Image
  • Mask Blending
  • Adding Scars and Blood

Working In Perspective

  • Manually putting in perspective
  • Manually Editing Perspective
  • Using Perspective Filters
  • Troubleshooting perspective issues
  • Selecting In Perspective
  • Healing In Perspective

Compositing: Matching Color

  • A Over B
  • It’s All About Selections
  • Lighting & Shadow
  • Backlight Technique
  • Matching Color
  • Curves Color Channels
  • Contrast Matching
  • Clipping Masks
  • Matching Noise/Grain

Working with Lighting Effects

  • Compositing Lighting Effects
  • Creating & Working with Flares
  • Creating A Neon Sign
  • Techniques for Sabers

Organic Text

  • Endless Possibilities of Organic Text
  • Text Out of Grass
  • Working with Smoke

Advanced Selection Techniques

  • Select & Mask Review
  • Going off-road with Procedurals
  • It’s All About Channels
  • Working with Levels to create contrast maps
  • Configuring your Selection Brushes to isolate edges
  • Selecting Hair – No Easy Thing
  • Employing the Burn and Dodge Tool

Large Project Design

  • Working with Large Projects
  • Photoshop limitations and workarounds
  • Tweaking Preferences for a smoother workflow
  • Design a large format poster

Working with Camera Raw

  • Opening & Editing Raw Files
  • Camera Raw Panels
  • Editing Color and Tone
  • Fixing Exposure Issues
  • Selective Corrections
  • Applying Grades to Multiple Photos
  • Removing Noise
  • DeHaze Images
  • Saving Settings and Versions
  • Opening Images in Photoshop
  • Viewing/navigating around images and use some basic Photoshop tools.
  • Perform common retouching tasks: eliminating red eye, erasing facial blemishes.
  • Quick Mask Mode and other tools to make or refine selections with greater precision.
  • Learn the basics of using text and commonly used effects.
  • Create a social media post and learn several new ways to modify, tweak and add effects to your images.
  • Make selections and learn some new tools and techniques to create this retro B-Movie poster.
  • You will use an image taken with a digital camera (RGB image) and convert it an image ready for print (CMYK image) with a resolution of 300 ppi (pixel per inch)
  • You will prepare images for the Web, converting them to RGB, reducing the resolution to 72 ppi, and reducing the file size to ensure fast download times.
  • You will use the power of Adjustments and Masks to non-destructively alter color and manipulate images.
  • You will use Smart Objects and other tools to create entirely non-destructive artwork.
  • You will go beyond fundamentals and harness the effects of Photoshop to create specialize titles and creative paragraphs.
  • You will unlock the creative power of the Pen Tool to create amazing effects and art.
  • You will explore the more advanced text features like text on a path and more.
  • You will learn how to create, save and manage presets.
  • You will learn how to use the deeper Photoshop color and formatting features to create and deliver print art.
  • You will create a feature film title for the big screen using Adobe Illustrator dynamically with Photoshop.
  • You will use some of Photoshop’s most popular filter effects affect images and artwork.
  • You will use some of Photoshop’s lesser know filter effects to create surreal artwork.
  • You will fix several photos color and contrast using Levels.
  • Using Curves to adjust an image.
  • You will retouch some headshots by removing facial blemishes such as acne, scarring and more.
  • You will take retouching to the next level by using professional techniques to remove blemishes, even out skin tone and replace skin texture.
  • You will do more than just straighten a model’s smile. You will become a digital plastic surgeon!
  • You will use the Displacement Filter to map one image over another.
  • We will explore a few techniques to alter human skin using blending mode and masking methods.
  • Use Photoshop to map images accurately in perspective.
  • Use the most advanced techniques to make complex selections
  • Learn some of the issues with managing large format projects like posters, banners and ads. Design a large format poster.

This course is ideal for designers, marketers and anyone who is pursuing a career in graphic design.



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