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Course Overivew

  • To succeed, as a small business owner you need to lead the marketing and sales strategies of your business and be equipped with marketing and sales knowledge.
  • Small business owners actually need to have the skills to execute their own social media and create or redesign their own websites.


  • Course Methodology
  • CLS Learning Solution relies on a variety of training and facilitation methodologies and techniques.
  • Used whenever applicable, these methods aim to enhance individual and group interaction while maximizing learning.
  • Some of these methods are:
  • Individual and team exercises.
  • Behavior modeling and role-plays.
  • One-to-one and group discussions.
  • Case studies, simulations and projects.
  • Individual action plans (to follow up and evaluate training results).


  • Each participant will be supported for:
  • 1- Building their marketing channels
  • 3- Promote the product
  • 4- Get clients and handle operations
  • 5- Measure and enhance their results


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Course Benefits:

 Module 1: Understanding marketing principles

  • Outcomes: To begin the course, participants will explore marketing principles that applied to digital marketing, and apply the essential fundamentals of marketing like marketing mix, STP, SWOT analysis, Sales funnels.


Module 2: Media buying using Facebook, Instagram

  • Outcomes: Learning how to build a successful paid campaign using Facebook ads manager using the main objectives and features
  • Project 1:Runs a complete campaign for a selected product


Module 2: Communicating with customers

  • Outcomes: Closing deals online is the final step of the selling cycle specially for the small and medium businesses. so learn the pest practice techniques in chatting with customer and get the best benefits of online marketing activities


Module 3: Retargeting and sales funnel basics

  • Outcomes: Tracking the audience. Filtering the audience depending on their actions. then running retargeting campaigns designed specially for the selected audience


Module 4: Measuring and enhancing

  • Outcomes: In this session, participants will learn the main matrices that measure essential aspects of paid campaigns. And also detecting the defects, enhancing results, and stopping failing parts.


Module 5: Business account

  • Outcomes: How to secure your assets, and manage all of your resources, audiences, and team members. How to assign the correct role for each member.
  • Project 2: Building business accounts and securing their online assets


Module 6: Overview of digital marketing world

  • Outcomes: In this session, participants will look at using the major digital marketing channels including social media, search platforms, Email marketing, search platforms, and Ecommerce websites.


Module 7: Samples of running ads on other platforms  

  • Outcomes: Using more than a single marketing channel becomes essential for any successful business, so participants will try samples of other digital marketing channels like Google ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.


Module 8: Copywriting

  • Outcomes: Content is the king. This quote is proved to be true, so the participant learns in this module how to write a compelling copy that encourages the target audience to make the desired action.
  • Project 3: Writing three posts for different social media channels


Module 9: Budget and financial concepts

  • Outcomes: Reputable companies are always working on a plan. The perfect plan needs some financial numbers, so participants learn in this module how to set the needed marketing budget, and calculate the expected revenue.


Module 10: Secure online business

  • Outcomes: Our online assets become more valuable. It generates revenue so it can be evaluated by cash. Securing them from possible hacking or stealing is a must. Participants learns how to use the needed precautions to keeps their online assets safe


Module 11: Selecting winning products

  • Outcomes: Choosing the right product is essential for a great marketing results. In this module the participant will learn how to select the perfect products and run tests to validate the selection, and select all options like sizes, colors…..


Module 12: Photography and video making background

  • Outcomes: Product first impression online depends mostly on images and videos after that, all other info add their effect. In this module participant will learn the main guidelines for images and videos for using in social media. They can use this for hiring a specialized professional or doing it themselves if they can use the proper tools.


Module 13: E-commerce for Amazon, Souq

  • Outcomes: Every platform has some rules and procedures to open an account and put your listing, So participant needs to know the requirement for applying and opening their accounts, then list their product by using best practices


Module 14: Affiliate

  • Outcomes: How to work with product owners who needs you to market their products for a commission, and also how to hire others to market yours. How to make the deals and monitor their efforts to get the best results for your project


Module 15: Operations

  • Outcomes: Having a great system for operations is essential to scale your business. You need to have excellent customer service skills, and know how to handle shipping, packing, and managing your cashflow. Excellent operations alwyas leads to successful projects.


Module 16: Contracting

  • Outcomes: To be able to scale your business, you need to will need a legal specialist, but you need to have the basic background on how to handle your legal documentation and contracts with all parties like Shipping companies, suppliers, and distributers.
  • Connect your customer and your business.
  • Take full control of your marketing and sales processes.
  • Lead the design and execution of your marketing and sales strategy.
  • Save thousands in hiring outsiders who don’t know and care as much as you do about your customers and your business.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • anyone interested in Selling online and building a brand online.


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Over 200,000 Gradutes From CLS

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Amr Mostafa
An employee of the Security Department at the Ministry of Electricity

I`m attending now CEH Training with Eng Mohamed Hamdy ,CISSP Training with Eng Mohamed Gohar, I really learned a lot from him , everything here in CLS  is very satisfying including facilities .

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Lamiaa Medhat

We took a series of courses as the digital Transformation Unit of the ministry . we just finished CRISC Certification Training with DR Adel Abdel Meneim . Thank you CLS for all your efforts, we really appreciate it

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Ahmed Salah
Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Me and my colleagues are working in a government Organization, We took a no. of cyber security trainings with CLS starting with CEH and CISSP. we liked every thing the instructors, the stuff and whole environment

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Ferras Hassan
Head of the Programming Department at Bashayer Energy Company

I`m attending ASP.NET Core with MVC Training with Eng Mohamed Hesham , I really learned a lot from him , everything here in CLS  is very satisfying including facilities .Thanks you all team.

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Mohamed Ahmed Ali
Systems management specialist

Qualifying the cadres of digital transformation units in government agencies moving to the administrative capital .Thanks CLS

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Zeinab Salah
Software Developer at Bashayer Energy Company

I`m attending ASP.NET Core with MVC Training with Eng Mohamed Hesham , I really learned a lot from him , everything here in CLS  is very satisfying including facilities .Thanks you all team.

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Ibrahim Khalaf
IT Infrastructure and Security Manger

I`m attending now CRISC Training with DR Adel Abdel Meneim , I really learned a lot from him , everything here in CLS  is very satisfying including facilities , locations and the team.

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Samar Shams ElDin
Programmer at Bashayer Energy Company

I`m attending ASP.NET Core with MVC Training with Eng Mohamed Hesham , I really learned a lot from him , everything here in CLS  is very satisfying including facilities .Thanks you all team.

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