Adobe InDesign Training Course

Adobe InDesign CC

Create professional page layouts for print and digital publishing.

Start projects faster with everything you need to create and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters, interactive PDFs and more.

Course Overivew

  • Learn InDesign to create professional page layouts for print and digital publishing. Use it to design, preflight, and publis a broad range of content in print, online, and for tablet apps.
  • You can create simple or complex layouts quickly and efficiently with precise control over typography, built-in creative tools, and an intuitive design environment.
  • Learn the industry standard layout program that allows you to create a diverse range of print and digital materials with the only limitations being your knowledge.
  • Through hands-on exercises you will learn to navigate the application and use the tools to create layouts from single pages to complex multi-page documents.
  • Take your InDesign skills to the next level. Building on your essential skills, you will create more complex documents and work with a variety of palettes and tools to further understand the capabilities of this high-end design application.
  • You will discover the pitfalls and best practices to follow so that you are creating rich layouts with the latest design standards and properly previewing these files with separations and transparency previews to create high and low resolution PDF files.
  • Learn the most advanced techniques in Adobe InDesign such as how to integrate Photoshop and Illustrator artwork into your InDesign documents, creating interactive PDFs with table of contents.
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Course Benefits:

Getting Started

  • Welcome to InDesign 2019
  • New Document Settings
  • Understanding Units
  • Creating a document
  • Layout and Navigation
  • Understanding Workspaces
  • Accessing Panels
  • Creating a Text Frame
  • Frame vs Content
  • Anatomy of a Frame
  • Adding placeholder text
  • Where to turn on Grids and Guides
  • The Properties Panel
  • The Character Panel (basic overview)
  • The Paragraph Panel (basic overview)
  • Basic Text Spacing & Alignment
  • All about Adobe Fonts


Letter Creation

  • Creating a Print Document
  • Understanding the Parts of a Letter
  • Working with and Re-sizing Text Frames
  • Importing and Managing Graphics
  • Working with Bullets
  • Saving an InDesign Project
  • Multi-Frame Document
  • More Text Attributes
  • Position Text with Baseline Shift
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Control Leading in Character Options
  • Using Tabs
  • Hanging Bullets and Check Marks
  • Adding Hyphenation/Discretionary


Simple Magazine Ad

  • Creating Document for Print
  • Setting the Bleed
  • The Rectangle Frame Tool
  • Working with Headlines
  • Placing Images
  • Combining Text and Images
  • Auto Drop Caps vs Manual Drop Caps
  • Layout Adjustments


Pyramid Pets Article

  • Creating a 1-Page article for web
  • Simple Layout Sketching
  • Creating a Document based on Sketch
  • Working with a Multi-Column Document
  • Rectangle Frame Tool Again!
  • Adding Graphics Elements
  • Placing and formatting images
  • Text Wrapping
  • Working with Loaded Cursors


2-Page Simple Magazine Ad

  • Setting up the Document as a 2-Page Spread
  • Working with Facing Pages
  • Understanding & Working with Bleed
  • Working with and formatting Bulleted Lists
  • Working with FX to solve object issues
  • Simple Paragraph Formatting
  • Working with Decorative Fonts
  • Printing as a Spread
  • Simple Web Export
  • Working with the Pages Panel


Creating Basic Shape Elements

  • More About Vector vs Raster
  • Understanding the Pen Tool
  • Pen Tool Exercises
  • Segments, Anchor Points, Curves
  • Creating Custom Shapes & Page Elements
  • Use Shape Tools more efficiently
  • Working with Gradients for lighting
  • Working with Effects to enhance graphics
  • Simple Perspective graphic creation


One-page recipe

  • Setup one-page document for web distribution
  • Layout a one-page recipe with images
  • Working with Image Content within Frames
  • Create custom graphics elements
  • Combine images with frames with FX
  • Learn how to use the Direct Selection Tool
  • Understanding Text Import Options
  • Working with Swatches
  • Saving Custom Swatches
  • Streamline for Online Web Distribution with an option to print


Tours Map

  • High Quality vector map creation
  • Manipulating vector maps
  • Using the Ellipse Frame Tool
  • Grouping Elements
  • Working with Multiple FX on single object
  • Output your map as a downloadable and Printable PDF


Postcard Promotional

  • Setting up a 2-Sided Project for Print
  • Working with custom-sized documents
  • Bar Codes/QR Codes and Beyond
  • Generating a QR Code
  • Understanding Basic Blending Modes
  • Using FX to blend edges


Retro Fashion Magazine Cover

  • The parts of a magazine cover
  • Creating a rough layout
  • Creating & Applying Paragraph Styles
  • Style Modifications
  • Anatomy of the Paragraph Styles Panel
  • Importing vector graphics
  • Previewing your Layout in various ways
  • Saving as an InDesign Project vs Template


The Newspaper – Design & Layout

  • Understanding the parts of a Newspaper
  • Popular Newspaper sizes
  • Roughing out the layout
  • Create and manage a multi-page document
  • Working with multiple spreads repetitive content using the Pages Panel
  • Working with spanned content
  • Turning on and modifying the Baseline Grid
  • Stylizing Text with Paragraph Styles
  • Managing multiple columns
  • Spell checking
  • Adding simple graphics to add color


The Newspaper – Graphics & Images

  • Using Adobe Bridge to “tag” media
  • Adding Metadata to media
  • Adding Multiple images to multiple frames
  • Working with image Captions
  • Live vs Static Captions
  • Manipulating Master Pages
  • Creating Page Numbers
  • Creating Repetitive Page Graphics


Multi-Panel Brochure

  • Understanding the various brochure folds
  • Learn about 3rd party plugins for InDesign
  • Creating a bi-fold, four panel brochures
  • Start Page Numbers
  • Managing your panels in Pages
  • Spreads vs Pages
  • Duplicating and Deleting Spreads
  • Enhancing Logos
  • Adding graphics to text elements for contrast
  • Design and add text for Front and Back Panels
  • Casually recording Paragraph Styles & Swatches


Brochure Graphics

  • Use the Direct Selection Tool to modify Frames
  • Use the Direct Selection Tool to modify shapes
  • Converting points to Bezier Curves
  • Re-create a Polaroid-style frame to display your travel images
  • Sharing graphics and text between Spreads
  • Working with FX to create shadows
  • Layering Graphics for visual impact
  • Working with Slugs
  • Previewing your project


Fundamental Publishing & Export

  • Understanding PDF Options for Print InDepth
  • PDF/X Version Breakdown
  • Creating your own PDF Presets
  • Understanding the various options for Web Export (JPG, PNG, other) and why you would use one over another
  • What happens to your color on export
  • What is the EPUB standard?
  • Notes on Sending your work to an Inkjet or Laserjet
  • Exporting Marks for the Printer
  • Understanding Color Conversion
  • Packaging your Project for Archive or Transfer


Movie Poster Design

  • Reasons use Illustrator with InDesign
  • A quick introduction to text in Illustrator
  • Working with Decorative Type Titles
  • Multi-Frame Title Treatments
  • Getting vector art into InDesign from AI
  • Troubleshooting AI to ID Graphics Transfers
  • Working with Simple Tables
  • Formatting film poster credits
  • The Color Theme Tool
  • Working with SVG Graphics
  • Simple Graphic Edits in Illustrator
  • Flattening Graphics in Illustrator


Menu – Intro to Tables

  • Creating Tables from Scratch
  • Stylizing Tables
  • Stylizing Table Content
  • Selecting & Modifying Cells
  • Excel to InDesign Tables
  • Tab Delimited File Imports
  • Text to Table Conversions
  • Colorizing Tables
  • Creative Table Design


Ghost Toys – Intro to GREP

  • What is GREP
  • Tips on Learning GREP
  • Two Ways of Adding GREP in your Projects
  • Composing a GREP Phrase
  • Creating conditions for conditional text
  • Using GREP to apply conditions
  • Creating sets to manage conditions
  • Using conditional images
  • GREP in Paragraph and Character Styles


Fiction Novel – Formatting a Book

  • Documents & Book Project contrasts
  • The Anatomy of a Book
  • Classic Trade book sizes
  • Setting up a standard paperback book
  • Creating Book Styles for easy formatting
  • Formatting Master Pages
  • Defining Sections
  • Numbering and Organizing Sections
  • Importing and Stylizing book text
  • Auto-flow text
  • Placeholder text for pre-formatting
  • GREP for eliminating “Runts”
  • Fixing and Eliminating Forced Line Breaks


Fiction Novel – Indexes, TOCs & Beyond

  • The Difference between TOCs and Indexes
  • Preparing content for a TOC
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Formatting between Numbers and Chapters
  • Stylizing a Table of Content
  • Working with Next Style
  • Prepping a document for an Index
  • Creating an Index
  • Working with Scripts to manage data
  • What are XMLs? How are they used?


Fiction Novel – Creating a Cover

  • Setup for 6” x 9” Trade Book with 200 Pages
  • Creating a document with a Spine
  • Manipulating multiple pages as one document
  • Working with Photoshop and InDesign
  • Working with Importing layered content
  • Working with InDesign’s Layers Panel
  • Naming and Arranging Layers
  • Creating a Title for a Book Cover


Working with Book Projects

  • More details about Documents vs Book Projects
  • When a Book Project might be useful
  • Creating a Book Project from scratch
  • INDB File Formats
  • Anatomy of the Book Panel
  • Synchronizing Projects
  • Preflighting your Book
  • Error Reporting Details
  • Status Symbols Meaning
  • Page Numbering and Conversion
  • Exporting your book to a PDF


Deck Design & Layout

  • What is a Pitch Deck?
  • How your Pitch Deck is going to be used
  • Creating your Pitch Deck document
  • Pitch Deck Sections
  • Setting up Pitch Deck Master Pages
  • Creative Continuity with Master Pages
  • Designing a Title Page for the Deck
  • Creativity with Transform More Options
  • Organizing Layers in the Layer Panel
  • Creative Page Titles with FX
  • Getting Creative with Image Frame


Deck Design – Style & Graphics

  • Working with Object Styles
  • Color Continuity
  • Enhancing Titles using Blend Modes
  • Formatting Text using Styles and Next Style
  • Creating a Gallery-Style TOC
  • Understanding Clippings Masks
  • Creating a Clipping Mask
  • Pitch Deck Tweaks
  • Exporting Deck to Preview


Deck Design – Interactive Documents

  • Switching to the Interactive Workspace
  • So many interactive features, so little time
  • Exploring Interactive PDFs
  • Create and manage Hyperlinks
  • Understanding Text Anchors
  • Interactive In-Document Navigation
  • How to embed Video and Audio
  • Buttons and Forms menu
  • Exporting an Interactive PDF
  • Testing your Interactive PDF
  • Explore interface and workspaces
  • Setup Documents
  • Learn to work with text
  • Explore the use of Typography and related panels
  • Incorporate images, Word documents and Excel documents
  • Manipulate and manage images
  • Format type to create well-crafted documents
  • Learn about the different color panels and resources
  • Incorporate Tables and related Styles
  • Learn to export, reuse and share projects
  • Become familiar with related Creative Cloud apps and tools
  • Create complex documents for a range screen and print
  • Create and apply advanced text formatting techniques
  • Create advanced numbering schemes and running header/footers
  • Build and managed table of contents, indexes and bookmarks
  • Import and format tables
  • Build interactive projects for mobile devices
  • Learn advanced page layout & document features
  • Explore image techniques
  • Understand element of publishing PDFs
  • Use color management
  • Use advanced text formatting techniques
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques
  • Learn workflow optimization

Anyone Interested in Mastering Real World publishing projects including an advertisement, a magazine, a corporate brochure, a novel, a movie poster, a receipe book, a restaurant menu, a travel guide, pitch deck, and much more.

This course introduces you to the newest techniques and tools used in Adobe InDesign CC.



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